Paladins Masters Oceania Qualifier Week 2 Recap

Paladins Masters Oceania Qualifier Week 2 Recap

Kings qualify for Paladins Masters top 4, with final open bracket qualifiers taking place next week. 

Event with a last minute roster change, picking up xParag0n, Kings showed no signs of weakness this week. They took the tournament without losing a game and proved that they are one of the top teams in the region. Their opponent in the grand final, Forefront, were dropped to the lower bracket after losing their first match and won 4 matches in a row to make the final round.

Play of the week goes to Snugg from Corvidae: Using Torvald’s ultimate, Hyper Beam, to push 3 members of team Surge off a ledge to their doom winning the round for his team.

Week 2 showed tremendous competitions and there will be much of the same next week for the final week of the open bracket qualifiers.

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