Paladins Open Qualifiers Week 3 Breakdown

Paladins Open Qualifiers Week 3 Breakdown

Only one week left until the top four teams in each region are locked in for the Master’s Qualifiers! Let’s take a look at week three and see where the teams stand heading in to the final weekend of competition!



European drafts this weekend were refreshingly unpredictable! We saw much more Torvald than we’re traditionally used to seeing out of this region, as well as some Barik, Grohk, and D69 went so far as to pull out Tyra!


Both Semifinals matchups went handily in favor of the veteran teams, District69 and Burrito. The finals set, however, felt like a repeat of HRX, with every game of this set leaving us more speechless than the last. Burrito had to play their sub SunCommander, due to technical difficulties after game 1. The squad still looked well practiced with their sub, not looking gimped at the loss of Bonkar. D69 pullled out the fabled double tank TRIPLE healer on Jaguar Falls and found one of the fastest wins over Burrito ever recorded. Laizy had one of those superstar performances on Evie to pull the momentum back in favor of Burrito in Game 4 and push this set the distance. In the final game of the day things were looking good for D69 as Burrito wasn’t applying enough pressure to Bugzy’s Kinessa. But later into the game, compounding mistakes from D69 allowed Burrito to come away with the set, and take back the first place spot by a narrow margin. It will come down to the final week of Open Bracket play to decide who will be first seed out of Europe.


The standings in Europe after Week 3 are the following:

Burrito: 240 Pts

District69: 220 Pts

Interlopers: 110 Pts

Skitlite: 70 Pts

Wolves: 50 Pts

Cyclone: 30 Pts

Hydra: 30 Pts

Zaklad Karny:30 Pts


North America


The North American top 4 teams is a much closer contest than Europe. Semi-finals matchups have traditionally been much closer than they were this week. Astral Authority and Team Eager were able to make quick work of their semi-final opponents.


Astral Authority made a notable roster swap this week, that may have been the key to their success. Support main, Vex30 was subbed out for fan-favorite bomb king player, Evulli. Kusqt moved into the support role for the weekend, and had immense impact with grover most notably! Kus was able to pump out damage rivaling and often surpassing their hyper-aggressive frontliner, Wardoom, as well as keeping up with other healer in throughput.


Eager dominated AGG on the other side of the bracket. AGG voiced their disappointment in their performance on social media afterward, but kept their chins up and plan to come back stronger next week.


The final seires between Astral Authority and Eager felt like a grudge match. Stolzey and Eager vs. the core of Match Point and Astral Authority. Every match in this series was hard fought and felt close! Neither team really looking out drafted, just small mistakes on either side that allowed Astral Authority to find the win in 4 games. Astral Authority have been grinding, determined to prove themselves as the top team in North America, the win this week will put them in a great spot to make the top seed in the Master’s Qualifiers in the weeks to come.


The standings in North America after Week 3 are the following:


Astal Authority: 200 Pts

Team Eager: 165 Pts

Xenosy: 150 Pts

Team AGG: 125 Pts

Highborn: 35 Pts

Spook Esports: 30 Pts

Wisefrag: 20 Pts

Q5 Esports: 20 Pts

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