Featured Community Champion: Bitey

Featured Community Champion: Bitey

Today’s Featured Community Champion is none other than Bitey, a competitive Paladins player and Twitch streamer! A member of SK Gaming, Bitey has been playing Paladins since the very beginning while streaming his entire experience! Home of the infamous Borker’s Gym, his Twitch channel is filled with players looking to learn from “the Coach” or catch his latest Champion impersonation, whether it be Strix or Tyra!

When did you first discover Paladins?

I was playing a lot of Dirty Bomb. I played the game for about a year, but it was on the decline. Since I was streaming at the time, somebody in chat mentioned a game called Paladins. Shortly after, they gave me a key for the game and I fell in love with it. I started with a team called Bully, which was me and some friends from Dirty Bomb, and just went to town. It was a hoot every night! That was probably about two and a half years ago. It was right around CB7!

I know from a competitive aspect it’s important to learn every Champion, but did you have any favorites which you found yourself drawn to when you started playing?

I think the first big Champion that I loved was Buck! I would have been a Grohk, but I had to play Buck. He was actually the inspiration for my first team’s name, Bully, because back in the day he was just a big guy. He had all sorts of cool builds and was a real threat. He was a half-tank – people don’t even know this! He had like 3800 HP, and was a big boy, jumping around. I loved him! I guess Buck was my first love.

Regardless of the game, there are always hoops to jump through as you’re learning, especially in the competitive sphere. What sort of challenges did you face as you began to play Paladins?

I’ve been competitively gaming since I was 19, and after 10 years of going through competitive titles, you learn that it isn’t just grinding. Everybody says it’s the grind, but it’s more than that! You don’t just get good by playing. I mean, I started this when I was 25 or 26, so I had all this experience that helped me know what to do. I knew what it took to learn a new game. It’s all about min-maxing, you know? What is the absolute limit you can reach with a Champion? How far can you push a Champion?

You need to control your mistakes, because every mistake is an opportunity to get better. And that’s the way I approach a lot of stuff, honestly. You make your mistakes, you perfect them, and you learn from them. That is the true grind. Be sure you know what your limits are, and you can always ride up from them later down the road.

So we know you were in the world of Paladins from the very beginning, but when did you start producing content for the game?

I think it was really early. You know, I had been streaming for a long time before Paladins. I just stream what I do, and my fans would either come with me or they wouldn’t, and I made a new community out of it. I think the one thing that has happened with Paladins, though, is that I’ve finally fleshed out a brand and really started gaining serious traction. I’m “the Coach”, and I’m the owner of Borker’s Gym. We got dogs all over the place, and you’re just here to work. You can pet the dogs, too, because they’re here for you protection.

It’s funny, because this all happened last year around the time that Gabe the Dog took off, and that’s where the branding started. That’s kind of where the channel took off, and I’ve been streaming two years straight since then.

I’ve been waiting to ask you this, Bitey, but what’s the true history behind Borker’s Gym?

So Gabe the Dog was a little borker, a little white fluff, and his owner took videos of him. You can look these videos up and find just about any song you want converted into little dogs barking. I loved it, I loved the videos, and I loved that little dog! I was always called “the Coach” because I like to teach people, but that’s only a piece of it. The Borkers part really hit its stride when the Gabe meme was going on. When Gabe went away, I added his picture, and even asked the creator of Gabe the Dog (because somebody in my chat happened to know the guy) if I could use him as an emote.

So I actually had a connection to the guy who owned Gabe the Dog. As I had the emote, I really liked the idea of having dogs everywhere over the stream. So it upgraded to the corner floof, and it just started taking off from there!

When you first came into Paladins, how were you received by the Paladins community? What was the experience like?

Honestly, it was pretty organic! I don’t like to think of myself as a typical streamer. I stream because I like to, and if people like to watch, they can watch. If you don’t like to watch, I don’t really mind. As the game gets bigger, I get bigger. I was working full-time while I did competitive gaming and streaming, and so these last two years has just been me doing my thing. I think I’ve found my niche!

Have you learned anything valuable that you’d like to pass along to other content creators?

When you’re having discussions with people in the chat, the craziest thing is the amount of times you’ll get asked the same question. It’s like the streamer’s dilemma, you know? You answered the question so completely and fully. Man, it was just a great answer. And then not but 10 minutes later, you get that same question. You’re just like, “I answered that question for a good 5 minutes, and now I have to do it again!” But it’s not their fault, because they weren’t in the stream a few minutes ago when you answered it.

After streaming for so long, I eventually just accepted it. Viewers are going to ask you the same thing over and over, and you can’t be frustrated about it. Do you make a command for it? Do you present your answer in short order? The choice is up to you! The thing is, I probably do that ‘super answer’ once a day, but repeat myself a dozen times. It’s hilarious, and something every streamer should be prepared for!

Do you have a favorite type of content you enjoy producing or streaming?

Well, I guess what I’m starting to get known for is roleplaying as the Champions I play in-game. We’ve got the Zhin roleplay, the Strix roleplay, we’ve worked a little bit on Tyra, and a little bit on Sergeant John Buck. Those are probably some of the most exciting things I do! The rest of it is just being overwhelming, over-the-top, and having fun with it. It’s all in the moment, and sometimes I’m so into the match that I just yell until it’s over. I’m really spontaneous, and it’s a blast on stream!

Is there anybody who you’d like to give a shoutout too?

Obviously, there’s my whole team on SK Gaming. It’s their hard work that gets us where we are. Stolzey and KamiVS were major inspirations. In terms of viewers, there’s so many of them! There’s viewers like Xovhan who made songs for me. He literally made songs out of my voice and the stuff we’ve done on the stream! That’s the kind of inspiration I’m able to give people, and that’s the crazy part. If people have problems, they can come and talk to me. I want people to be their best, and I’ll teach anybody anything.

And for those who are looking to learn from you or get involved in your community, what’s the best way for them to join in?

When I’m streaming, it’s always training time. Every so often, I pull subscribers in for games, but I’m always answering questions and entertaining my viewers. I’m consistently sharing what’s on my mind and providing crazy antics for people to see!

Do you have any major plans coming up that your community and Paladins fans can look forward to?

I’m extremely excited for HRX 2018! I’ll be attending for the whole event and hanging out with everyone while I’m there!

Bitey’s Custom Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 6
  • Mouse DPI: 400
  • Field of View: 96

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