New Champion: Vivian, The Cunning Health: 2300 Abilities [LMB] Light Machine Gun Fire a shot every 0.14s dealing 200 damage. Effective up to Medium range. While firing you move 50% slower. [RMB] Precision Sights Look down the barrel of your machine gun. You gain improved accuracy but move 50% slower.Read More →

GENERAL Introducing Legendary Class Keys (Guarantees one unique Legendary Card per Class) Available in the Radiant Chest Frontline, Damage, Flank, and Support keys will be displayed in addition to Regular, Enchanted, and Legendary Enchanted Keys. New portraits for most Champions Added Spray preview in Champion Customization GENERAL BUG FIXES Fixed third personRead More →

New Champion: Terminus, The Fallen Health: 4900 Abilities [LMB] Massacre Axe Swing your axe in a large arc every 1.1s. Enemies hit will take 700 damage.   [RMB] Calamity Blast Fire a projectile that deals 250 damage. Fire an additional projectile for every Calamity Charge you have stored.   [Q]Read More →

MAPS New Onslaught Map: Foreman’s Rise Design changes and features Frozen Guard Fix sightlines that made it too easy to defend the capture point Removed some meshes that made walkways tight Lower capture point mesh Fix end of game camera at both payload push points and capture point Brightmarsh Both sidesRead More →

New Champion: Talus, of the Ska’drin Health: 2000 Abilities [LMB] Veracharger A short to medium ranged weapon that deals 95 damage every 0.1s. [RMB] Blitz Upper Charge forward, hitting enemies for 600 and knocking them straight back. [Q] Overcharge Overcharge your weapon, causing it to fire 33% faster for 4s.Read More →

General The Preparatory phase of each match will be in third person Before a match you will notice something different! For the first spawn room phase of a game you will now be able to control and navigate your character in third person! In the Competitive Queue player will haveRead More →

New Champion: Strix, Ghost Feather Health: 2000 Abilities  [LMB1] Talon Rifle A powerful rifle that fires one 1300 damage shot every second. Side Arm: A semi-automatic pistol that deals 250 damage per shot.   [RMB1] Scope Look down your scope and gain pin point accuracy. Flare: Fire a flare thatRead More →

General Added custom animations for weapon inspection for all Champions (G key or R3 click in) Custom game creation menu improvements Added new menu for 1st selecting game mode, then map Added Spectator Password option Added Restore to Default button in Options menu for Audio, Gameplay, Controls, Bindings, and SpectatorRead More →

New Champion: Jenos, the Ascended Jenos is our newest Support who has descended from his mountaintop home to confront the aggressors of the world below. He soars through the battlefield with 2600 Health utilizing his long lasting heals, powerful setups, and devastating finishers to turn the tide of battle. AbilitiesRead More →

Open Beta 54 Patch Notes | July 12th New Champion: Lian, Scion of House Aico Role: Damage Health: 2000 Abilities [LMB] Heirloom Rifle A rifle that has been passed down through your noble house through the ages. Deals 400 damage every 0.45s at medium range.   [RMB] Valor Fire aRead More →

Open Beta 53 Patch Notes | June 28th GENERAL New Realm Pack (Ice Mount/etc) for $5 USD Includes: Frostmare Mount 7 Day Booster 10 Radiant Chests 2 Flair Chests . Bans have been added for Draft competitive match lobby We will be testing Bans in PTS, Live release will beRead More →

Open Beta 52 Patch Notes | June 9th NEW CHAMPION: Zhin, The Tyrant Role: Flank Health: 2000 Abilities [LMB] Inferno Blade Within 2s, hurl burning oil with two quick swings that deal 450 damage and a heavy swing that deals 700 damage   [RMB] Counter Enter a counter stance forRead More →